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watch movies online for kids

91/365 - Looks like I've made up for it.

91/365 - Looks like I've made up for it.

March 31st, 2008

CHOO CHOO, the train is taking off, hard and fast. Buckle your seat belts kids, it's gonna be a bumpy ride...

I know that made absolutely no sense at all but, oh well. Sorry that I haven't really been updating, I tend to write my day at the last minute. But today, I am not.

Sure it might be 11 something o' Clock, but in my book it's semi early. I awoke at 1 something in the afternoon and immediately got bored with my lifestyle. I wake up, get online and watch movies. Yay for me. I don't recall ever doing anything else, unless I read but I'm taking a break.

I got the word that Amanda, my friend up in Ohio got kicked out of her house today because her mom is being a douche. Nicce. That's just nice.
I don't know why her mom has to be so fucking difficult. She knows that only Tommy is working and Amanda does school. Amanda basically said it's hopeless to find an apartment up there that's cheap, allows pets, has utilities included and is close to her college.

I am worried about her, I hope her and her mom solve their problems out before it's too late.

I have barely eaten anything for the last couple days, mainly because we're running out of crap to eat. All the plates and dishes are once again dirty and it's like trying to find a needle in a hay stack to find a pot. All there is, is soup and other munchies. Mostly all Junk, in which this case I don't accept. I'm trying to stay happy with myself, not get distracted and eat all the cheese curls in sight.

My throat is still being weird, not to mention my nose has been clogged. I'm fine now but last night was just insane. I think that Nyquil helped. a bit, maybe.

For right now I am bored and I have a headache. David is supposed to be coming over. OH JOY! and we might go out to Wal-Mart to get a new battery for the van.

Truth: I swear to god, ANY battery that we get for the van, it's not good enough. It works for a couple weeks to a month and then it magically stops. I'm getting so fed up with returning batteries, it's not even funny

I have the hiccups and they wont go away =(
I got gifts in the mail from Amanda, they were when they were in Florida. I have taken a photo and pasted it on my Flickr, so go and take a look.
I am in love with the butterfly necklace. It's just amazing.
I was actually wearing it and another necklace in this photo but they got cut off. =/

I'm really in the mood for some Chinese food.
It sucks, anytime we're broke I think about all the yummy goodness that I love and then I get in the mood to want to have some, but then I can't.

I know I had Chinese earlier this month but Chinese food is without a doubt one of my most favourite foods. Yum!

I guess that's it for now?

None as of yet.

Queen and Country: Declassified

Queen and Country: Declassified

890 First published January 15, 2006 (#3) (Dates are approximate)

Queen and Country: Declassified
By Mark Allen

Paul Crocker is a field agent for British Intelligence, on a mission to help a KGB agent get out of Prague, so he can work as a double agent. The job's been getting to him, however, as he has suffered what his boss labels a "rotten run of luck" as of late. Not to mention what it's doing to his marriage. That's all I'll say about the story, but I will add that if you're a fan of the TV show "Alias", or the Movie "Ronin", this book should be on your reading list.

Writer Greg Rucka leads the reader on an interesting and enjoyable international adventure with a wonderful cloak-and-dagger flavor. The story itself is not omplicated, or even particularly complex; it's a fairly straightforward spy tale. It's Rucka's characterization that steals the show. He does a great job giving his characters depth, and making their motivations clear. The dialogue is believable, and it's easy for the reader to empathize with the main character, Crocker, as he seeks to balance his sense of duty with his love for his wife.

Brian Hurtt is the artist on the book. I don't believe I had ever seen any of his work before, but I'll be watching for it from now on. Hurtt is not a strict student of realism, but there is such an element in his work. He balances it well, however, with a hint of "cartoony" expression, in the wider-than-normal chins, thicker-than-normal limbs, and the like. His men are beefy, and, judging from the single female character in the story, his women are attractive, but none of it in exaggerated fashion. A solid style that looks like nothing else I've seen.

Queen & Country: Declassified is not recommended for kids due to some profanity, but adult readers/fans of spy and espionage stories will enjoy it. Find it at your local comics shop, online auctions and retailers.

watch movies online for kids

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